Who is James Sandison


When Sandison Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Mechanical was founded officially in 2007, it was a company in the making since 1997 by James Sandison who had a very specific vision for it. First of all, Sandison wanted to be able to offer the best one-stop-shop service for the homeowner! This sets the company apart from the competition. More importantly, Sandison understood from very early on the level of quality service & materials his target/potential clinetele were looking for & deserved. This became his driving force because he observed the reputation other companies were giving this competitive industry he mastered from a relatively young age! Sandison PHC&M was to become the highest standard in its industry.


We currently have several well taught and devoted employees, so we are able to offer you TRUE 24 hour a day service, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with a live person answering the telephone at all times.

We have a 100% customer satisfaction rating by our customers according to our satisfaction survey results, which proves we like what we do and so will you!

Sandison’s employees are so confident on the quality of our work that with every new installation we will provide you with a free one-year maintenance agreement.


We only hire licensed employees.

All Sandison’s employees are drug tested to meet our high standards of employment. We guarantee our employees will arrive at your home in clean, well stocked trucks, clean uniforms, and utilize drop cloths and booties to ensure that the cleanliness of your home is respected. Upon leaving we will also clean all work areas in your home.

Sandison’s employees are factory trained along with being industry and government agency certified:

  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Refrigerant Certified
  • North America Technician Excellence (NATE) Technical Certification
  • HVAC Manufacture Sales, Installation, and Service Certified

By using Sandison, a client can be assured that a very knowledgeable, highly experienced & licensed professional will always arrive at their home or business ready to educate, diagnose & fix the problem whether big or small in all areas of plumbing, heating or cooling! Sandison only uses the quality of materials they would use for their own home or business. With Sandison, you will be given options so you can make the best choice for your home and family as well as economical situation. A home is one of the biggest investments you can make so Sandison will make sure you get your money’s worth every time! A homeowner should feel very confident that they have made the best choices for their Home whether the expense is small or great! On the other hand, Sandison also offers the unique experience in Industrial & Commercial Repair & Installation. This experience gives Sandison PHC&M the planning & design advantage in order to really look at the big picture & the end result of a project whether big or small!

Sandison PHC&M offers the best experience in service repair & installation as well as custom fixtures & even planning Heating/Cooling Design for the size of your home and family needs.  Sandison PHC&M continues to pride itself on being the best of the best! It’s owner, James Sandison continues to hold the uphold company standards of licensing, continuing education with the State of Michigan & as part of the Michigan Tri-County Plumbing & Mechanical Inspectors Association. Sandison continues to expand their level of service to other areas within the industry. Therefore, it has been an honor for the last few years to be able to offer our expertise & licensing in Medical Gas for medical & dental facilities in the Tri-County area. We specialize in medical gas, suction lines, drain cleaning, air compression & many other types of equipment repair & installation.

Sandison PHC&M will continue to raise the standard so that every homeowner or businessowner in need of these services can expect only the best & most comprehensive service! We are in the business of making sure each homeowner is a happy, satisfied & educated client! We also continue to offer 24 hour emergency service with a 60 minute response time so that the emergency doesn’t turn into a disaster!

We love to hear from our clients about how happy they are & we hope they will recommend us to their closest friends & family! That is the greatest compliment of all!